5 September 2019

6 New Ways to Use Sage

Sage is the newest hue in the Le Creuset palette of delicious choices and it’s also one of the most prolific yet unsung heroes of Western cuisine – after all what is fresh gnocchi without sage burnt butter? Find out how this ancient herb is used in traditional flavour marriages and also discover mouthwatering new ways to use it in your cooking.

Old School’s Still Cool

As ubiquitous to Mediterranean food as olives, sage has long been regarded as a key element in Italian cuisine because of its sweet yet savoury properties that can lift or mellow a dish. In other corners of the globe, sage is just as popular. Think stuffing for a roast chicken or traditional turkey, and it’s a must for butchers when making pork sausages and traditional cheesemakers use it in their age-old Derby cheese recipes.

Sage Innovations & Inspirations

It may be exactly the ingredient that makes a Sunday roast or bowl of ravioli sing, but did you know that sage is increasingly being sought after by 21st century chefs too? Here are a few ideas…

  1. While pasta and gnocchi are traditionally served in Italy with a burnt sage butter – a steak with a toasted sage butter poured over it is a grilled meat dream!
  2. Finely chopped parsley and sage is sublime when added to an omelette filling.
  3. Butternut roasted on a bed of sage with olive oil and sea salt makes for a delicious side dish.
  4. Since it’s known for coming into its own with dairy, it makes perfect sense that the likes of a sage-infused creamy pannacotta would be sensational.
  5. Take a tip from the best mixologists – sage has made its way into a plethora of gin and vodka based cocktails.
  6. While sage is not traditionally a feature of Asian cuisine, try using it to add flavour and depth to the likes of garlic wok fried beef or spiced noodles and vegetables.


Do’s & Don’ts

  • LESS IS MORE Fresh sage is much more subtle than dried, rather use it sparingly when cooking – add dried sage at the beginning of cooking a casserole and fresh towards the end.
  • BETTER TOGETHER While it is a delicious herb, it can be overpowering on its own, sage does best paired with other flavourful ingredients like rosemary or garlic.
  • COOK & ENJOY Sage tastes altogether better when it’s cooked.
  • STORE MORE Preserve sage in honey or vinegar or freeze it for your next slow cooked stew.


Le Creuset’s newest hue Sage is easy-on-the-eye and the colour complements dishes beautifully. To view the full range, visit your nearest Le Creuset Boutique Store or shop online at where delivery is free.


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