16 January 2020

5 Food Trends for 2020

It’s always interesting to hear what new ingredient and food movement innovations are on the horizon for the year and 2020 looks set to impress serious foodies and enthusiastic entertainers alike.

We’ve scoured the globe to bring you the latest eating and ingredient trends – from fantastic feasts to serious surprises.

1. Char Cute’eries

We’ve been seeing charcuteries taken to the next level – beautifully built platters of everything from sweeties to salads and halftime sports snacks have been setting Instagram on fire. And it looks like ‘Twenty Plenty’ is going to take this trend of ‘more is more’ to epic new proportions. Another take on the trend is the platter that’s crammed with a plethora of little bowls filled with edible treats – it’s the tapas concept, on steroids.

2. Fabulously Flexitarian

Plant-based living is definitely a thing (who knew Meat Free Mondays would start such a fire?) but for some people veganism or being vegetarian is just too prescriptive. Which is why flexitarianism makes so much sense to so many – those who love their greens and a plant-focused healthy lifestyle but still crave a quality steak, some sushi or a lamb chop every now and then.

3. Family Style Food

Shared plates is a trend we’ve seen hit the restaurant world and it seems it’s here to stay. The act of communal sharing of food is so powerful, so interactive and so instinctive, it was only a matter of time before even the most sophisticated of chefs embraced it all over again. Expect to see the return of the ‘pot luck’ concept too – sharing the load of entertaining has never been cooler!

4. Fiery Food

While pizza has been the poster child for wood fired food for decades – chefs all over the world are embracing live-fire cooking, slow-fire hearth food and everything smoked – from veggies to seafood. For South Africans this is especially exciting since cooking over the coals is such a huge part of our culture.

5. Asian Sensations

Asian cuisines, be they Indian, Chinese or Japanese, have become a hugely informative aspect of modern global food styles, and it’s not unusual to find elements of Asian ingredients and techniques on restaurant menus. From Chinese-American street style food to exquisitely conceived dishes from Japan and fragrantly spiced choices reflecting the complexity of India itself, expect to see even more Asian influences this year.

We’re welcoming in the roaring twenties with open arms – and an open mind to what new trends we’ll be seeing in the food world. Le Creuset has cookware for every preparation, cooking and entertaining eventuality. To view the full range, visit your nearest Le Creuset Boutique Store or shop online at

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