10 January 2017

5 Easy Back-to-School Breakfasts

With any back-to-school routine comes the responsibility of whipping up a quick and nutritious breakfast that will help children perform at their best.

School mornings are usually hurried and harried, so we’ve put together five of our best recipes that won’t slow you or your kids down during the rush hour — ensuring a delicious kick-start to the day in 40 minutes or less.

Why is breakfast so important for kids?

In general, children and teens who eat breakfast have more energy, do better in school, and eat healthier throughout the day. Studies suggest that eating a healthy breakfast improves brain function — particularly memory and recall. Without breakfast, children may become irritable, restless, and tired.


Berry Smoothie Bowl
This is a fantastic spin on a classic smoothie and adds even more goodness to the start of the day. Top the smoothie bowl with seasonal fruit, nuts and seeds to add more flavour, texture and nutrition.

Why berries?

Berries are great sources of fibre – an important nutrient for a healthy digestive system.


Baked Muesli and Chia Yoghurt
This easy breakfast features a healthy dose of natural, nutritious superfoods. When exposed to yoghurt, chia seeds expand in thickness – leaving you feeling fuller and full of energy!

Why chia seeds?

Chia seeds are prized for their ability to provide sustainable energy throughout the day.


Scrambled Eggs
A failsafe classic that always goes down a treat, with slivers of salmon to give an extra flavour boost. Enjoy on its own as a quick meal, or serve with toast and fruit juice for a complete breakfast.

Why eggs?

Eggs are an all-natural, inexpensive source of high-quality protein and many other nutrients.


Breakfast Muesli Bars
These are an excellent choice for a quick breakfast-on-the-go and work equally well as a lunchbox filler. They are stuffed to the brim with good-for-you seeds, oats and nuts.

Why muesli?

Muesli typically contains less calories and sugar than most breakfast cereals available on supermarket shelves.


Spinach, Feta & Basil Omelette
This is a lovely, filling way to start the day and works just as well for lunch or a light dinner. Use the feta cheese as a seasoning and add more or less, depending on preference.

Why spinach?

Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin K, which protects the heart and helps to build bones.


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