10 January 2018

2018’s Top Food Trends

There are so many exciting things happening in the food world these days that it’s hard to keep up! Here are some food trends that are sure to make their way to a restaurant, food store or market near you in 2018.

Plant Proteins

There’s a growing global movement to plant-sourced nutrition and more and more producers, retailers and restaurateurs are exploring the notion of plants as a protein source. From pulses like chickpeas and lentils to seeds, nuts, grains (quinoa and freekeh), soy and even algae and seaweed, alternative protein sources look set to become a mainstream thing.

Eau Yes!

2018 looks set to drive even more people to flavoured water options with a focus on ‘health-giving’ choices – flavour profiles that taste good but have health benefits too, think chamomile, elderflower and lavender. We’re already seeing this movement in the craft gin world, it was only a matter of time before water producers followed suit.

Street Food Cool

From a convenience, affordability and downright cool aspect – street food is on the rise. We have food trucks to thank, the growth of the global village and of course – more adventurous palates. Think everything from tacos to on-the-move tempura, kebabs and interestingly – an increase in appreciation for Indian flavours and street specialities.

Broths are Big

Bone broth is another pro-gut health product that has exited the halls of hippiedom and is making its way into mainstream supermarkets and hip city restaurant precincts. Served on their own or as bases for ramen dishes, organic chicken and meat broths are brimming with collagen, the elixir of good health and nutrition as well as minerals galore.

Fermented Flavours

Once seen as the domain of hippie kitchens, fermented foods and drinks are making their way into suburban kitchens and top notch eateries. Kimchi, the spicy pickled vegetable medley of cabbage, radishes and chilli was once only found in Korean eateries – it’s now a staple in many a home. Kefir, the fermented milk drink with much-lauded probiotic benefits has hundreds of Facebook groups devoted to its cultivation as does its fermented friend Kombucha, the probiotic-laced drink. Of course, the kingpin of the fermented movement is Sauerkraut – made from fermented cabbage.

The Power of Flowers

The nineties saw zucchini flowers hit the restaurant world with a vengeance, but since then not much has happened using flowers in cuisine. That changed in 2016 when floral flavours and flourishes began to be seen on menus and the tide is still rising – expect to see more edible flowers, extracts, cordials and surprises on menus this year.

Specialist Teas

Coffee has had its place in the sun for many years but tea has been strengthening its position on a growing basis. Tea shops, tea accessories, tea ceremony experiences, online tea-blend subscription services and of course interesting new blends and flavour matches have been popping up for the past few years – 2018 looks set to take this trend to new heights.

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